Are Old Lawn Mowers Worth Anything?

Rapid technological growth and ever-evolving customer requirements force us to think about the values of old items. What do you expect, especially if you think about selling your old lawn mower? Are old lawn mowers worth anything?

Depending on your lawn mower’s brand, condition, age, and other factors, your mower can hand you a few bucks. But for that, you should also know some of the other things. Let’s discuss the old mower’s resell value, marketplace, and other subjects.

Key Takeaways:

  • While selling a mower, you should know its current worth.
  • Note if the mower has some rarity and historical significance while posting it for sale.
  • Post advertisements on multiple platforms to get your desired price.
  • Scrap the mower only if you are sure the mower is not functional at all.
Are old Lawn Mowers Worth

Are Old Lawn Mowers Worth Anything? Factors You Need to Keep in Mind

There are a few factors you should know about before you determine the price of an old lawn mower. An old lawn mower has both monetary worth and historical significance. 

If you own a branded, well-maintained, functioning mower, then you can have a reasonable price to sell it. If the mower is old enough to be put on showcase as a rare and antique item, then there is a chance of getting a good value for it. 

An old lawn mower’s price can vary mysteriously. You will get only $10-$15 by selling an old, ordinary, poorly-managed mower by scraping it. But if it’s old and rare enough, it can give you a few hundred bucks. 


The older a mower becomes, the more its price rises due to its historical significance and rarity. 

But it’s not like you are trying to sell a few-year-old mower and demanding a higher price than someone’s well-conditioned and comparatively new mower. 

Just for clarification, some of the mower companies out there tend to collect the company’s oldest products from the customers to showcase them in their museums. They pay a handful amount for those mowers. 


Some brands have a cult following, and mowers from renowned manufacturers can fetch higher prices. A few brands are already out of the market but had an impact when they were present.

Some of their followers often collect these types of mowers. Limited edition mowers are also a part of this segment. They will try to pay you anything for the mower for its brand value.


When buying an old lawn mower, you will look for a well-preserved and fully functional mower, right? The same will happen when you also want to sell your mower. 

You will get a price depending on the condition. If the product becomes a scrap item, you will only get a few bucks for its steel or aluminum. 


Some mower companies have some of the most fabulous creations in the lawn mower industry. Different pawn shops and interested customers will look for these mowers for an excellent amount. 

Suppose you own a Pope rotary mower, 60-70 years old, in your store room, blocking space, and want to kick it out. But if it’s fixable, you can sell this mower for a good value, maybe a few hundred bucks.

But to get a good amount, you will look for people who want this because of this mower’s rarity. Many people on the internet are looking for antics like that.

Historical Significance: 

Mowers tied to essential moments in lawn care history may be highly sought after. Suppose you have one of the first mowers that were patented by Edwin Budding in 1830. 

Now, these mowers are collectibles. The collectors will give you that much money to help you buy a brand-new lawn mower.

Antique mowers are valuable collectibles by their fanatics. Some 19th and early 20th-century build mowers are highly demanding and may fetch remarkable amounts.  

Where Can You Sell Old Lawn Mowers?

There are a lot of channels you should know about if you want to sell your used mower. Online marketplaces like eBay, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or other specialized collector forums are available.

Sometimes, antique stores and local mower repair shops show interest if you own a mower with historical value, rarity, or vintage. 

There are some museums dedicated to lawnmowers. A British lawn mower in Southport, UK, is one of them. There are some museums in the USA as well.

Are Lawnmowers Worth Scrapping?

Are Lawnmowers Worth Scrapping
Are Lawnmowers Worth Scrapping

Before selling a lawn mower by scrapping it, you should know its value. A functioning mower’s resell value depends on age, yearly decrease rate, regional facts, mower condition, availability, and cosmetic appearance. 

The average lifespan of a lawn mower is seven years. The annual depreciation rate for a low-tier mower is around 14%, while mid-range or professional mowers’ prices fall around 11% every year. 

Most of the mowers lose their value over 6 to 10 years. After that, your mower becomes a scrap item if it’s not functioning. Even if your mower works, the physical condition plays a vital role in reselling it. 

For comparatively new mowers, you can calculate their price easily. Suppose a mower you want to sell was bought for 1,000 USD, and you have used it for four years. A few scratches and a torn seat may be present in the mower.

Let’s say the value depreciation rate is 12%, and the torn seat and scratch decreased its price by about $120. So, after everything, the price dropped to $(1,000-4*14-120) = $320. After four years of using, you still can get $320.

It is a scrape item if your mower is over ten years old and only works partially. You can sell it for the steal or the aluminum body. 

Currently, the price of scrap metals is $60 per ton. You may get $10-$15 for the mower you own. Comparing this amount with the functioning mower, you get that the price you are getting is too low.

You can increase the amount by selling items individually. You can do that using a socket wrench, bolt cutter, jaw puller, hammer and Sawzall. You just have to wreck your old mower by pieces and sell the items separately. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I preserve the value of my old lawn mower?

An old lawn mower can be preserved and have its worth increased with the help of correct handling, routine maintenance, and historical record keeping.

Are old lawn mowers valuable?

Old lawn mowers can be valuable, but their worth depends on factors like rarity, age, condition, brand, and historical significance.

How do I determine the value of my old lawn mower?

To determine the value, consider its age, condition, brand, model, and unique features. Research online or consult experts to get an estimate.

Can I sell my old lawn mower for a reasonable price?

If your old lawn mower is in good condition, particularly if it’s rare or collectible, you may be able to sell it for a reasonable price to collectors or enthusiasts.

Is it worth restoring an old lawn mower?

Restoring an old lawn mower can enhance its value, especially if it’s a collectible model. However, restoration costs should be weighed against potential returns.

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