Can You Cut Grass with Morning Dew? 

Cutting grass off your lawn can be difficult if you don’t follow proper guidelines. You think of getting up early and cutting the grass of your desired size. But can you cut grass with morning dew?

You can cut the grass of your lawn in the morning dew. But it could be better to do so. What are the issues with cutting grass in the morning, and what measures can you take to avoid it? Let’s find out in the article.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cutting grass with morning dew doesn’t give you a satisfying result.
  • Morning dew can cause electrocution and damage your mower along with you.
  • Spreading different diseases in your grasses is another risk factor. Using a commercial mower can help you ease your pain by cutting grass with morning dew.
  • No side bags, sharp blades, and side shooters can be used to avoid hazards and to get maximum output in the morning.
Can You Cut Grass with Morning Dew 
Can You Cut Grass with Morning Dew 

Why Should You Avoid Cutting Grass with Morning Dew?

Cutting the grass off a lawn is an essential chore in everyone’s life if you own a yard full of hay. But sometimes this little job can be challenging and bring problems if you need to learn the proper methods. 

Here are some of the issues why you should not cut grass with morning dew: 

  • Inaccurate finishing
  • Damaging the mower 
  • Accidental electrocution
  • Spoiling cloths and shoes
  • Slipping and injuries
  • Spreading fungal diseases 

Damaging the Mower: 

When you forcefully cut your lawn grasses with a mower in the morning, you unintentionally tear the parts of your mower in many ways. Dew and soil get into the mower’s parts and malfunctions.

Grass clippings can quickly enter the vacuum or get stuck between the blades, blocking and clumping the mower you run. When it happens, the mower often stops working due to overheating and other issues.

Wet grasses stuck inside the mower
Wet grasses stuck inside the mower

Inaccurate Finishing: 

When you cut your grass in the morning with dew, it will be harder to cut and won’t give you a satisfying finish. Because, with moisture, the grasses become moist and slick. 

With this, there is a huge possibility that you will ruin your mower’s blade. Along with it, the edges of the grasses become brown because they are most likely destroyed during the process. Your lawn becomes messy and inaccurate. 

The soil is wet in the morning due to morning dew. When you cut the grass on your lawn, you might tear up the earth along with the roots of the grasses. Heavy mowers leave wheel prints and divots on the ground in the process.  

Uneven finishing after cutting grass with dew
Uneven finishing after cutting grass with dew

Spreading Fungal Diseases: 

Sometimes, due to excessive rainfall, a particular type of disease can corrupt the grasses in some areas. Mowing wetlands means spreading the disease even further. 

Brown patches, Anthracnose, leaf spots, and red thread are fungal infections that can occur in grasses. Dew drops and rainfall increase the chance of spreading fungal diseases with mowing. 

Mowing in the morning with dew drops increases the likelihood of spreading of growing weeds in your lawn as well. 

Accidental Electrocution: 

There is a possibility I will talk about soon in my article that you might think about mowing your lawn with efficiency, even in the early morning with dew. I am talking about using an electric lawn mower. 

But there is a problem as well using it. It is well known that water goes too well with electricity. While you cut the grass of your lawn in the morning, the water droplets get into the machine and create a temporary short circuit.

It can be harmful both for the mower and you. Around 80,000 lucky people annually visit the “Emergency room” due to mower injuries. Most of the injuries are from electrocution, which happens in the morning. Now, you do the math.

Spoiling Cloths and Shoes: 

Mowing is not easy, even if you are a professional. Professional gear and the necessary training to ride a mower are best. When you ride a mower, the grass sprints here and there. 

In the morning dew, the grass becomes heavier and moist. The grasses sprint in all directions faster, causing spoiling your clothes. If you use your regular shoes, you will also find unwanted green marks on your shoes and socks. So, why wait until the sun dries up the grass and mow without ease?

Spoiled shoes due to splitting grasses
Spoiled shoes due to splitting grasses

Slipping and Injuries: 

After cutting the grass, maximum mowers are designed to leave the grass behind. When using a walk-behind mower, you are stepping on the grass that has already been cut. Now think about wet grasses in the morning.

You will have to step on the wet grass. Wet grasses are slippery, meaning you may fall dancing on them, injuring you. If you fall on the mower’s blade or hard objects in your lawn, think about the risks.

4 Things to Do if You Need Mowing Your Lawn a Lot

If it is so important to mow your lawn with morning dew or after a rainfall, you can hire a professional lawn care expert. You can follow other steps to help your grass’ health and reduce your hardship.

  • Using the highest setting of your mower
  • Using commercial mowers
  • Discharge the mower bag and enabling the side shooting
  • Sharpening blunt blades

Using the Highest Setting of your Mower: 

Usually, the mower you have been using is set to a moderate setting. You can lower or higher the performance depending on your need. While mowing in the morning, your mower takes an extra load. 

So, in this case, the setting is to get maximum output. With this, your mower won’t have to go through that much trouble. Before doing so, check the instructions for different types of grasses.

Using Commercial Mowers: 

Residential mowers are for regular users. You will need extra support if you want to cut the grass on your lawn in the morning. A commercial mower is there for you. Commercial mowers will cut the grass better than regular residential mowers.

Robust systems and blades will provide more accurate results. A commercial mower leaves no tears or wet clumps, which is good for the health of your grasses.

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Discharge the Mower Bag and Enable the side Shooting: 

You can leave your grasses cut in rows if you just discharge the bag by setting the mower to the side discharge. 

You will have to manually pick up the grass later, but it reduces the chances of falling because of slippery cut grasses. It also helps with the cleaning of your mower’s lower parts. 

Sharpening Blunt Blades: 

If you want a clean cut of your lawn, always sharpen your mower’s dull blades. After every mowing, check the blades to see if they need any sharpening. 

Blunt blades can cut the grass with force, leaving scars and uneven edges in the grasses. On the other hand, cutting grasses with sharpened blades saves you time.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

Should you mow grass in the morning with dew?

No. The appropriate time for mowing the grass is when it is dry. When rain or dew drops fall on the grasses, they gain extra weight, increasing bending blades, clumping between the parts, and many more

What is the ideal time to mow your lawn?

The best time for cutting the grass off your lawn is 5-6 hours after sunrise. Sun helps evaporate the water droplets and dries the property. So, you can cut the grass easily without facing issues.

How do I know if my grass is dry enough to cut?

Check the moisture of your grasses using your hand. Wet grasses are usually soft and break unevenly. But when the grasses get dry, they become crunchy and cut faster.

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