Can you Mow Wet Grass with an Electric Mower

If you own an electric mower and are concerned about cutting wet grass, then you should learn many things. The first question is, can you mow your lawn while the grass is wet? Can you mow wet grass with an electric mower?

It is possible to mow the land while the grass is wet. But the ideal rule is to do the mowing 5-6 hours after sunrise. Wet grass clumping, blade bending, and uncertain accidents threaten to mow damp grass. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Mowing the grass in the morning with dew or cutting grass after a rainfall often causes electrocution.
  • Commercial mowers can be an excellent helping hand in terms of trimming wet grass.Mowing wetlands destroys the soil and grass.
  • Mowing wet grass can spread different lawn diseases. Mow the lawn when the sun dries the land altogether.

Before Mowing with An Electric Mower, What Is Important?

Mowing the lawn can give you enough trouble. So, always start the mower by following these steps:

  • Testing the grass and soil
  • Slow start
  • Draining extra water
  • Empty the grass storage bag
  • Cleaning the parts
  • Wearing safety gears, shoes, and goggles 

Testing the grass and soil: If the ground seems wet, wait to dry a little. If the land’s too wet, you should delay the mowing plan. Being hasty will not solve the problem, but it will create problems. 

Slow start: Sharpen the blades, check the parts, and set your electric mower to the highest level before cutting grass. Take time and start slow to cut the grass. If you observe any errors at the start of the mowing, stop immediately and check the condition.

Draining extra water: On some occasions, the grass is wet, but the soil is dry. You can mow your grass in this kind of situation. But if there’s excessive water in the grass, drain the excess water using a hosepipe to dry the land.

Empty the grass storage bag: Always check whether the bag of your electric mower, which keeps the leftover grass, is empty or not. Sometimes, the bag gets congested due to excess grass and puts less pressure on your mower.

Cleaning the parts: Always clean the mower parts after using it. Failure to do so can cause wearing and rusting of the parts. Cleaning the grass on a regular basis increases the durability of your electric mower, and you get a clean cut even in the morning dew or after rainfall.

Wearing safety gears and googles: Wear safety gear, goggles, and shoes to save yourself from grasses. When the mower cuts the grass off the ground, the grass splits uncontrollably. Leftover grass can make you blind if it goes into your eyes with force. So, always put on the necessary clothing.

Can You Mow Wet Grass with An Electric Mower?

Cutting your lawn grass takes a lot of attention and study. When you go hop on the mower without even knowing the initial instructions, you risk your lawn and maybe sometimes harm yourself too.

So, let’s find out what may happen to you while using an electric mower and discuss them in detail.

  • Electrocution
  • Damaging the mower
  • Injuries due to fall
  • Destroying the land
  • Dissatisfying results


You should know that water has a good relationship with electricity. In the morning, the land is usually wet due to dew drops, and after rainfall, the land usually stores water for a certain amount of time.

When you go for mowing, wetlands can create short circuits inside the mower. Cutting wet grass can damage the mower and is a threat to electrocution. Every year, more than eighty thousand people worldwide have to go to the ER due to lawn mower accidents. 

There’s a good number of electrocution cases in it. The chance is lower if it is a battery-powered electrical mower. Yet, it is not advisable.

Damaging the mower: 

Risking your health along with endangering your lawn can happen due to mowing with an electric mower while the grass and the land are wet. You will also damage the mower in the process. The wet grasses are heavy and slick as they contain water. 

When you mow your lawn, the small grasses get inside your machine, creating congestion inside it. The wet grass can bend the blades, too, as the grasses are heavier because of the dew. 

The wet grasses get into the mower’s inner parts and damage the parts of it. Electrical mowers tend to get destroyed faster than other fuel-powered mowers if you use them to mow wetlands.

Injuries due to fall: 

Walk-behind electrical mowers are getting popular day by day. They are cost-saving and environment-friendly. But using it in the morning will give you only a little benefit.

Walk behind mowers, cut grasses, and store them in an attached bag, or leave the grass behind. Later, you can manually pick the grass. But here’s the problem. Morning grasses tend to be slippery as they are wet. 

You may get an injury if you slip on the wet grass and fall on the mower blade or on any hard objects. It’s ideal to wear proper gear while riding a mower anyway.

Destroying the land: 

When you are mowing the land in the morning, you are also risking your ground. Usually, the blade of the mower cuts the grass in a tidy manner. But in the morning, the grass is wet along with the ground.

The grass tangled with the mower blade as it is not crunchy enough to cut and break the root and soil, leaving a messy lawn.

Dissatisfying results: 

As I discussed, wet grass usually takes a lot of work to cut. When the blade runs to cut the grass, it faces problems and cuts unevenly. The ground may break, and mud and puddles get stuck in the mower.

The ground will look unfinished if your mowing process is not perfect enough. That’s why mowing while the grass is wet is not recommended. Along with it, using an electric lawn mower is highly negligible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it permissible to use electric lawn mowers on wet grass?

Water goes too well with electricity. When using an electric mower on a wetland to cut the grass, you risk yourself and your mower. Using this way may cause electrocution.

Can wet grass damage an electric mower?

Using an electric mower to cut wet grass can bend the blades as the grass becomes heavy due to water droplets. Grasses stuck inside the mower can cause clogging and eventually rust the machine. Clumping can cause overheating of the mower, which later can create a malfunction.

What will happen if the electric mower gets wet?

If your electric lawn mower gets wet due to the water droplets, keep it turned off. Water can cause a short circuit inside the mower, which is bad for the mower and can also be dangerous for you.

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